Friday roundup

Hi, all – some progress is being made in my sewing cave, but no finished projects to report, unless you count a bag-worth of fabric going back to FabMo as a donation – of course, then I picked up about the same amount of new stuff while I was there. Oh well, a zero-sum stash is not too bad, right?

A quick reminder that I’ve published a few articles on now: so far I’ve written about Britex Fabrics in San Francisco, zipper how-tos and tutorials, a roundup of local events including the FabMo distribution, and today an article on videos from the sewing TV show It’s Sew Easy. If you’re enjoying the content, please consider subscribing to my feed, and/or sharing the links with your friends, because traffic and subscriptions are the way that Examiner knows that my articles are being read (and how I make my uncountable millions tiny little payment for writing them).

Have a great weekend; I’ve got a great dessert recipe planned for this week’s Food Friday.

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