In the fullness of time?

As I get older, I start to understand how very much a lifetime can accomplish. When you’re a kid, you’re changing so rapidly you can’t imagine being interested in the same things in 6 months or a year. Even as a young adult, your commitments are still rather short – years maybe, but not decades. This moment of philosophical pondering is brought to you by a curtain for my kitchen window.

A long time ago – at least 5 years, I think – I was browsing in a fabric store off my usual beaten path, and saw a folk-print panel that I thought would work great as a curtain for my kitchen window. When I got it home, I realized that my general mental measurements were good, but off by 90 degrees – the panel print was a 4×3 grid, but I needed a 3×4 grid for my ungainly window. Of course, the next time I was in that store they were out of the fabric. So the piece sat – at one point I cut off one of the borders with the idea to add it at the sides, but then found it wasn’t quite long enough. I even got a compression rod long enough to use in my window from the home goods store, but still, the thing sat.

I’ve been on a kick to finish UFOs and mending (not so much a formal plan as an informal goal, which seems to work better with my perverse brain) and pulled the bag holding this fabric out from the stack. After a little mulling (and a break to pull out the curtain rod from the pile o’ crap that it’d gotten buried under in the intervening years), I cut off the top row of the print to make more of a cafe curtain size. I added black squares to the ends of the border and attached it to the sides, and added a muslin rod pocket on the back (which I ended up just fastening with pins, because stitching would have been really noticeable). With hemming (and hemming and hawing) I still probably spent less than an hour or two on the whole thing – plus or minus 5 years.

Cafe curtain

I never would have imagined leaving a project for 5 years when I was younger. I don’t know if that means my standards have lowered, or that I’ve just gotten more patient. The funny thing is that although I think it looks OK, I’m not sure I like how it noticeably reduces the amount of sun that comes in the window – sun being a limited thing in my kitchen anyway, with the giant tree taking up much of our tiny backyard, and the neighboring houses and fences just outside. Ah, well, at least it’s out of the sewing cave.


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