March wrap-up

I was only able to publish three articles in March on Examiner: March local sewing events, a piece on the new sewing show It’s Sew Easy and designer Isabel Toledo’s new book. Deadlines on other work totally kicked my butt this month. I have some great stuff planned for April, though. Since it’s the month that includes Earth Day, and has become a bit of an unofficial “Earth Month”, I’m working on some articles with a environmentally conscious angle. I’m working on profiles of FabMo and SCRAP, for the Bay Area angle, and some thoughts on how to sew green, use less energy and recycle, and all that jazz. If you have any favorite tutorials or projects that reuse or repurpose fabric or notions, I would love to hear about them.

I’ve been working on a few alterations, and rejiggering my sewing cave (akin to shoveling out the Augean stables, alas). I have a vintage peasant top pattern I’ve been wanting to make, and I think I’ve finally found the right fabric in my stash to use for it. Does anyone else feel the compulsive need to find the perfect match of fabric and pattern? I always want to maximize the amount of fabric used, too, so as not to ‘waste’ any, so if I need 2 yards and I have 2 1/2, nope, that’ll be a waste. I pick out a fabric, audition it, talk myself out of it and put it back in the stash, and then repeat the whole process ad nauseum. It’s rather mental. 🙂


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