Nearly late to the PJ party

I am probably the last sewing blogger to mention the Pajama Party Sewalong at Did You Make That? She’s doing a great giveaway as well, and has done a series of short tutorials on putting a pair of one-seam PJ pants together (great for beginners).

The other day I realized I could make myself a whole new set of PJs from all recycled items, including the pattern, thanks to recent thrifting and visits to SCRAP and FabMo. I figured that would be a great option for April and Earth Day. I hope to finish those up before Saturday, the big PJ party reveal day.

Speaking of Earth Day and being green, I’ve written a few articles on green sewing for Examiner this month: a review of the book Little Green Dresses (highly recommended especially if you’re a 20-something or sew for one) and for local peeps, overviews of SCRAP in San Francisco, and FabMo in Mountain View.

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