In medias res

I’m working on a review of the BurdaStyle book for my Examiner column, and I wish I liked it more than I do. The most fun part has been recognizing all the bloggers I follow, like Melissa, and enjoying seeing their pictures and designs. It’s not that it’s too simple, which is what I had expected from other people’s reviews; it’s just that the vibe of it seems not to agree with me. There’s just something too fussy for my taste about most of the pattern variations. I got it from the library, so it’s no big financial loss. (Our local library system has really stepped up recently with getting ‘real’ sewing books; it’s awesome.)

Laura Bennett’s new book, on the other hand, I really like. It’s called Handmade Chic, and I would recommend it if you like to make bags and accessories. There’s a lot of info on working with leather that was new to me, and the whole thing is clearly written and photographed.

Stay tuned for ‘real’ reviews of these books, and the scans I’ve been meaning to do for days of the European pattern magazines I bought recently. Life has intervened!


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