Pins, John

My parents visited last week, and my mom came to town with a half-finished clothespin bag for me. I’d been wanting to make a new one, because my two old ones are half-shredded and barely hanging on. Of course, as my mom and I often do with sewing projects, we ended up making the whole thing much more complicated. I’d picked up some kids’-sized hangers at the thrift store with the idea to use them as a base for a clothespin bag, so we ended up using that hanger for mine, and the smaller hanger from her old bag for hers. Also, I decided to line mine with another fabric, and she had enough of the farmyard conversation print to partially line hers. The shape is pretty simple, with a hole finished with bias tape.


This would be a great project for a beginning sewer, or for using up some of your scraps. You could make it any size you wanted as long as it fit the hanger you were using. And if you don’t have a hanger and can’t find a kids’ hanger, you can use a regular wire hanger and just cut off the ends with a pair of snips.

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