Monday check-in

Steph @ 3 Hours Past has released some initial data from her waist/hip ratio study. She’s still looking for data if you haven’t contributed yet. One of the things she’s found is that in aggregate, as waist measurements go up, the waist/hip ratio goes down (that is, that the difference between them is less). This makes sense, if you think about it – as any individual figure goes into ‘overweight’ territory, some of the extra weight will tend to go and fill in some of those valleys. Of course, for each of us the point where that happens and where exactly the excess flesh ends up varies.

For my own figure, which is tall, curvy in the bottom half, and, um, substantial (big-boned? does anyone actually say that anymore?), paradoxically it’s been easier for me to find RTW clothes that fit since I’ve been heavier. When I was at my skinniest, in high school, my hips were at least 12 inches bigger than my waist, probably more like 14 if I measured correctly, and it was impossible to buy pants and dresses that fit. Since then, RTW has gone back toward a less angular fit, thank goodness, but I still buy curvy cuts on pants and skirts and the difference between my waist and hips is ‘only’ 10 inches. If it got any bigger, which it does whenever I work out more, my pants would start falling down again. Then there’s the problem with RTW that smaller sizes are shorter because of their grading rules, whereas I skinnier am still the height I’ve always been.

Besides thinking about the weirdnesses of RTW sizing (and pattern sizes, while we’re at it), I’ve been playing around with the new kimono tee from Maria Denmark. It reminds me of a New Look tee I made a couple years ago, and really liked, except the neckline was freakishly large. If you’re looking for a quick project for the summer, check it out.

(I may have also bought some Onion patterns during her 3-for-2 sale, and um, some Knipmodes. Whoops.)


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