Food on Friday: Slow cooker short ribs

I recently made the Slow Cooker Beef Short Ribs from, and the result was a solid B, with the possibility to improve to an A with some tweaks. The first issue was mine – I’d bought 1 3/4 pounds of bone-in short ribs rather than 2 1/2 of boneless, as the recipe calls for, so it resulted in a bit of meat and quite a lot of liquid. And speaking of liquid, the braising liquid never really reduced down to a sauce, but then it never does in slow cooker cooking, in my experience.

I made a few minor changes – used chicken broth instead of beef because it’s what I had around, ditto for garlic-flavored red wine vinegar and added some crushed red pepper, and used ketchup instead of chili sauce. I reduced the amount of sugar down to about a third of a cup, and that was plenty for our tastes. Next time, I might use less vinegar because the resulting meat was plenty vinegary. It was a nice base sauce to start with for slow braising, anyway, and the meat got two thumbs up from the red-meat-loving male in the family.


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