Gardens and sun

My small garden is growing well. The tomatoes are starting to set fruit and the potato shoots have poked their heads above the pile of soil and compost. The rhubarb crown and division have both recovered as well, which means I’ve got three rhubarb plants going. Of course, the new two are way too small to harvest and will be that way probably until next summer. In general I’m not going to have a lot of garden to harvest this year, but that’s OK by me – a few tomatoes and peppers and then later the potatoes are plenty to keep up with. I think this year I’ve learned how to embrace my lazy tendencies, or at least spurn my perfectionism, as far as the garden goes. Our apple tree is also showing out, as my grandmother would have said – the late, wet spring has given it plenty of oomph for setting fruit. It hangs over my summer clothes-drying location, which means every week or so I have to trim back a couple of shoots as the apples get heavier and pull them down into the way of the clothes.

The other day I managed to sunburn my right shoulder only while sitting in a friend’s backyard. I wonder how many gallons of sunscreen I’ve used over the years? The trend these days seems to be to cover oneself with garments, as opposed to the style when I was a kid of wearing as little as possible when it was really hot. With my pale skin I should probably shift to the ‘cover every inch’ school of sun protection, but it just feels odd to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts in the middle of summer.

What about you – how is your garden growing? Do you cover up in the sun, or just slather on the sunscreen?


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