Food on Friday: a few quickies

I have the habit, inherited from my father, of saying “Thank You” out loud when something in the kitchen beeps completion – the oven announces it’s preheated, the microwave completes its cycle, etc. Weird or charming?

I think I’m going to have to give up borrowing Kindle e-cookbooks from my local library. They’ve got a nice selection, but it’s not my favorite form factor (I have a grayscale Kindle, not the fancy new color one) and I can’t figure out any way to save any of the recipes for later after the book’s been returned, except for re-typing them in by hand. With print volumes at least I can make copies of a few pages that interest me on the copy machine. I’m not going to buy a whole cookbook, e- or otherwise, if there are only a few recipes that I want to try.

I made some “tandoori” chicken from an emeals recipe and now I’m really excited about trying some yogurt-marinated chicken variations. Anyone have a favorite? My husband said it needed more oomph, but he’s the kind of guy who isn’t happy unless there’s a whole chili pepper in everything.

Anyone have any novel ideas for using up extra couscous? I make it a lot since it’s quick, but it’s not the favorite of the aforementioned spouse and I always end up with extra. My brain suggested some kind of skillet cake like you can do with grits or polenta, but I haven’t tried it yet – maybe some kind of egg batter would hold it together sufficiently?


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