Change is the only, etc.

Update on the cup size thing – I ordered a few more bras from Bare Necessities in the size that I’d had success with at Butterfly Collection, and they were all too big. The only explanation I can come up with is that the BC bras were all from Canadian or European companies, and the BN bras were all American. Have we had vanity sizing in bras just like in clothes? I am not that bummed at this change, because it means I’m back in a size that can be found in regular stores – in fact I found a bra that fits me well at Marshalls the other day for 7 bucks. This is more my speed than the every-bell-and-whistle bras that cost upwards of 50 bucks online. It was still, however, a cup size up from where I had been previously. Check your bras, ladies!

On a similar note, I have found out that I am now a size 10.5 in shoes, rather than the 10 I’ve worn since puberty. If nothing else, this should save me money on shoes, since a 10 and a half is nearly nonexistent in most shoe stores.

We recently watched Superman II, and I fell in love with Margot Kidder’s wardrobe as Lois Lane. I tried to find some stills available online but didn’t have much luck. Every outfit is cute, fits her well, and is both flattering and practical (perfect for Lois Lane). With a little updating of silhouette, all of them could work for right now. Now that’s a sewing project I could get caught up in for a long, long time.

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