Summer may now commence

When I got back from a recent trip, I found that the first of my tomatoes had ripened. That’s proof that this summer has been warmer than last, which was positively frigid, and where I didn’t get any tomatoes until mid-August at the earliest (it may have been nearly September). I turned right around and made something with some of them – but you’ll have to wait ’til Friday to hear about that.

One of our local thrift stores occasionally carries sewing patterns, along with bags of fabric. They must have gotten a big donation recently, because I stopped in and the pattern box was full. Most of them were my size, and I could have brought home 30+ patterns. I restrained myself, though, and only brought home 5, including a Butterick fitting shell.
Assuming all of these patterns were from the same person, there was a story there in that box of patterns. The 80s and 90s patterns were mostly in the 18-22 range – Butterick and Vogue mostly, with a few Stretch & Sew and Burda. Then there were little girls’ patterns – a daughter or granddaughter? The more recent patterns were either in the 26- size range, or in 6-10 (the daughter grown up?). It’s fun but maybe a little poignant to speculate on who the person was who bought the patterns, and why the patterns were donated.


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