Food Friday: Canning, under pressure

(Oh, the puns, I lol myself.) During my recent travels I had the chance to visit my parents. I got to their house to find that my mom had just finished canning ~10+ quarts of tomatoes and a similar amount of sliced peaches. Here is the photographic proof.


I think I had pretty good timing for the days of my visit since I got enlisted for a harvesting session in the garden, but no actual canning. (Oh, blanching tomatoes in hot August weather, I recall thee. Fondly is not quite the word.)

I just don’t can that much these days, even though I know how – with a small backyard and a tiny ‘garden’ we eat everything I manage to grow straightaway. That’s the difference between having several acres and a big garden like my mom, and having a backyard smaller than most people’s garages. I am hoping to do several rounds of applesauce and apple butter this fall from the crazy old apple tree that dominates our backyard.

If, unlike me, you are finding yourself with a bonanza of produce, I can recommend another canning book that I recently borrowed from the library: Canning for a New Generation, by Liana Krissoff. It’s comprehensive and organized first by season and then by a fruit section and a vegetable section within each season. I found less “never thought of that” recipes than in Put ‘Em Up, but plenty of well-explained and tasty-sounding jams, pickles, etc. And her tone is entertaining and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I haven’t had a chance to try any of the recipes yet, but I have my eye on one for Achar Segar, an Indonesian pickle of cucumber, carrot, and shallots. This hot weather’s got me wanting cool pickled everything.


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