Food Friday: canning doohickeys

I have to restrain myself whenever I visit Bed Bath & Beyond, especially the kitchen section. “Oh, I have 5 silicone spatulas already, but this one’s slightly different!” “Hey, I’ve never seen this particular doomajigger before, I’ll buy two!” (It’s nearly as bad as my fascination with office supplies, but I digress.)

But I still stop by occasionally and see what’s new and different in kitchen doodads, and I did see something cool there the other day – canning labels that dissolve. I usually just write on the jar lids with Sharpie, but that can fade, and if you throw out the jar lid and replace it with a plastic lid for the fridge when you open something, it can get confusing. Apparently these labels are durable but dissolve in 30 seconds of hot water, so you can wash the jars after they’re empty and not worry about scraping tiny bits of gummy label off before you reuse them. They’re Ball brand, but I haven’t yet seen them anywhere but BB&B.

Marisa at Food in Jars has also featured several canning-jar-related items that I like. After she featured the reCAP, a lid with flip-top pouring spout, I picked up a few and they are super-handy and nicely made. They’re particularly nice if you make homemade vinaigrettes, for the melon aqua fresca, or anything that’s pourable and liquidy. She also recently featured the Cuppow, a lid that turns a jar into a drinking cup ala Starbucks including straw hole. (She also recently mentioned that Crate & Barrel has a canning starter kit with jar lifter, jar opener, tongs, funnel, and magnetic lid lifter doohickey, currently on discount sale. Worth picking up if you’re a new canner.)


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