Bursting with Burda

I was impressed with both the September Burda mag and the autumn Burda Plus, so I ordered them both and received them the other day. (Really good, especially for plus – the plus items in September’s issue, some great jackets – are already up on BurdaStyle and purchasable individually, FYI.)

Then, as it happens, when I went to this month’s FabMo distribution someone had donated a whole pile of late 80s and early 90s Burda magazines. I had to bring them home at least to look at – there’s some crazy big jacket shoulder-pad shenanigans happening, trust me. It’s interesting how much more of a lifestyle magazine Burda was in the 90s – recipes, a beauty section, even a sort of advice column in the front from Aenne Burda. There was also an issue of the British magazine Prima in the stack, which I’d heard of but never seen in person. I’ll have to take some pictures of some of the pages and share them with you, because they are really a kick. Thanks, anonymous donator!


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