A quickie on FBAs and dart manipulation

My sewing cave is in utter chaos right now because I got halfway through sorting through all my fabrics and then got the world’s most evil and persistent cold, so it’s been in suspended animation (that means giant piles of fabric everywhere). Hopefully now that I’m feeling a bit better I’ll remember whatever nascent organizing schema I had cooked up in my head and be able to replicate it. I took a bag of donations to FabMo at the beginning of the month, and have a whole ‘nother bag that I want to photograph and list for sale on the PR classifieds. (Anybody want to buy some fabric?)

Anyway, real sewing content: a lovely someone on my blog reading list linked to the blog of Miss P, which I devoured the other day. She’s got a series on fitting a basic bodice block which is a great read. One particular post hit me – it’s about bust dart enlargement but specifically about how to rotate that unsewn dart that can appear in the armhole to the actual bust dart. This is what happens to me all the time; rather than something being too tight overall, I just end up with drag lines and unsewn darts. So I’m really excited to try this technique on my next top. In fact, she uses the Colette Sorbetto free top as the basis of her fitting shell, and it’s free to download, so no more excuses!

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