More aprons

Many words start to look odd when you type them a lot, but apron, man, that is a weird word. Apron, apron, apron. Aprons. a-pron? apr-on. Ahem.

So I did a little internet searching and if you need a free apron pattern you are in luck, ladies and gents. These two articles from TipNut are very useful – a link to lots of free apron patterns on the web, and a series of downloads of vintage apron tutorials. I particularly like the apron made from a pair of jeans. There’s also a free basic apron pattern from a user on BurdaStyle which is unisex and would be fantastic for a first sewing project.

There’s a free clothespin apron pattern very similar to the Decades of Style one I linked to yesterday, although my hesitation with both is that the pockets aren’t gathered or gusseted, so how many clothespins will they be able to hold, anyway? I’m more apt to think that this clothespin apron with pleats on the back will be more successful (and I love the fact that it’s from Mother Earth News circa 1979 – old hippies never die, they just redefine themselves and call it sustainable living).


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