I’ve been doing a lot of imaginary sewing

I totally had to talk myself down from buying a bunch of new patterns in the last couple days. Do you ever do this, convince yourself that the reason you aren’t sewing, or why your sewing isn’t that great, is that you haven’t found that perfect pattern yet, even though you’ve got boxes full of patterns you’ve never used? I’m assuming yes because I can’t be the only crazy one.

First I was reading the Pattern Review boards and then browsing the new patterns at Lekala – and boom, cute! ‘Maybe I should try them again, even though the one pattern I muslined was way too small,’ I say to myself.

Then I was browsing the new listings at Lanetz Living, and I got sucked into all the Stretch & Sew patterns. ‘I made one of those once and it fit nicely, maybe I should buy 10 more,’ I say to myself.

Then I come across a new-to-me blog, Suzy Bee Sews, and everything she makes looks great and her figure’s not unlike mine, and I think ‘hey, maybe I should buy that pattern, and that one, and definitely that other one too.’

Yeaaaaah. Maybe, and this is just a thought, I should sew some of the patterns I already own, instead! (Nah.) I think I need to institute a 48-hour mandatory waiting period before I’m allowed to buy a new pattern.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been doing a lot of imaginary sewing

  1. Yes – i’ve finally recognised (duh!) that i buy patterns and fabrics for imaginary sewing (great phrase, btw) when I’m too busy or tired or whatever to actually sew. I probably should take up crochet again to satisfy the urge when I’m not near my machine.
    I also read sewing blogs at these times…

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