Sewing column roundup

I’ve got a huge stack of sewing book reviews queued up for my sewing column at – here’s proof, and that’s not even all of them:


I’d really like to make a project from each book instead of just reading and reviewing. It’s hard to know whether a pattern makes sense unless you actually make it up, right? Somehow it’s already mid-October so if I’m going to get all of these sewn up and reviewed before the holiday madness starts I better get busy.

If you’ve missed any of my recent Examiner articles, here are the links:

Upcoming sewing and quilting events this October
Join designers and sewists at Artistry in Fashion this Saturday
Colette Patterns on tour in Oakland 9/22

If anyone went to any of the local events, I’d love to hear how it went. I’ve seen some blog reports about Artistry in Fashion and one or two about the Colette meetup. I was planning on making it down to PIQF last weekend but life happened and other more urgent to-dos won out. Just as well, since I’m trying to get rid of fabric right now, not gain more!


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