Food Friday: Deviled Eggs

I dislike most ways of preparing eggs. Over easy, yeech. I’ll put up with omelets for the cheese and other goodies. But I love hardboiled eggs, which I readily acknowledge makes no rational sense. It does mean that I’m a big fan of deviled eggs, though. I’m not particularly fussy about the way I make them – with a scoop of Miracle Whip, some pickle juice and diced pickle, topped with paprika is perfect for me.

Deviled eggs are usually thought of as summer, picnic-y foods, which is why I like them in the cooler months. They remind you of summer, they’re surprisingly tangy and refreshing as a side to something filling like soup or a roast, and let’s face it, who wants to boil a bunch of eggs in the middle of the hot summer?

I was procrastinating sometime recently and searched for unusual deviled egg recipes. There are tons! Most just were weird, or too far from deviled eggs entirely, but some sounded interesting. Here are a few:

How about you – what’s your favorite deviled egg variety?


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