Plan to Eat sale

If you celebrated Thanksgiving this week you are possibly sick of thinking about food and cooking, but I just wanted to post quickly about the Plan to Eat website sale for the Thanksgiving weekend. I posted about this meal planning/recipe keeper/shopping list maker site earlier this fall. If you sign up for a year-long subscription it’s $19, half-off the regular price, which works out to just over $1.50 a month. I signed up, figuring it’s quite a low investment to try out the site some more. The sale is on through today (Sunday) and possibly tomorrow, they don’t give a time, just state “through 11/26”, so if you’re interested, grab it while you can. The coupon code is “givingthanks”, and you can also give a subscription as a gift, which would be a great Christmas idea for someone who loves to cook and wants to get more organized. I am not associated with Plan to Eat, but if you use the link below to check them out I can get a credit if you end up signing up:

Plan to Eat

Our Thanksgiving plans were somewhat up in the air, so although I’d bought some Thanksgiving favorites just in case I wasn’t planning on cooking, until the evening before when our plans with friends changed. My sweetie braved the Thanksgiving eve crowds to get the fixings for a pumpkin pie and made that, while I made our usual whipped potatoes and opted for a turkey breast, stovetop stuffing, store-bought gravy and microwave asparagus. Not the fanciest or most homemade Thanksgiving I’ve ever made, but we spent time with friends and enjoyed ourselves, which is the important part, right?


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