Small but steady progress

I’ve finished tracing the wiggle dress from the Gertie book, but haven’t sewn it together yet. (It’s amazing how a library book due date sharpens the priorities.) I anticipate some length adjustment will be needed from the look of it, and maybe an upper arm adjustment (it’s hard to tell without the gusset in). I stand by my earlier post that the nesting of the sizes on the pattern sheet are weird, and the way that you have to ‘attach’ multiple pieces of each pattern when tracing is a bit annoying. You know what would be great for books like these that include patterns? If you could go to a website and print out just your size. Even if it were a small additional fee, I would happily pay that, especially if I could just input my basic measurements and get a pattern piece that would need less alterations.

Speaking of downloadable patterns, the Knipmode folks have started an online pattern store ala BurdaStyle. The whole thing’s in Dutch but it’s pretty self-explanatory. They don’t have everything up there, just a selection, and the plus options seem to be randomly mixed in with the misses, but at least there’s the possibility of getting some of the best of Knipmode patterns via the web, particularly since getting the magazine here in the US can be difficult and pricey. I haven’t bought anything yet, but someone on the PR boards reported having an issue using a North American credit card.

Liz at zilredloh has begun a “Project CPR” campaign to get UFOs finished. I love the idea and I need to do some of it myself. Or just get real and bin the projects that will never get finished. I made good inroads into resorting my fabric stash this fall, but I’ve still got a file-box-sized box full of unfinished projects. We may be moving soon and I dread the idea of having to move all my mistakes and not-quites (and my DH realizing the true scale of my fabric and pattern addiction, yikes).


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