One last post about the wiggle dress, for now

I’ve just posted my review of Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing to my column. My review is generally positive, because I do think it’s a good book. It’s not an absolute must-buy for me because I’m not particularly a wearer of vintage fashion, even if I do like to look at and check out old patterns. I’m always interested in how to make things current. Maybe it’s because I have a thoroughly 21st-century figure (a little too much sitting, not enough corsets).

I’m surprised at how few reviews of the patterns in the book have been posted to Pattern Review so far. Last time I looked there were only reviews for the button-back blouse and the pencil skirt, which I guess are the least complicated patterns in the book. Whenever I get my wiggle dress muslin put together, I plan to post here and maybe post a review there, because I don’t think there’s a good sense of how the sizing of this book works. One thing I do like about the sizing is that the sizes are quite wide and the waist/hip difference is 12 inches, which means I don’t have to grade beyond the sizes available in the book.

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