Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day

Happy Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day! I wrote about this “holiday” at yesterday. Unfortunately, there are no participating shops within easy travel of me. Instead, I think I’ll “visit” my stash.

I don’t know if I’ll ever really be a quilter. I really get a kick out of figuring out the math of geometric quilt blocks and making them (at least a few), but I’ve not yet finished a whole quilt top (well, I did finish a mini-quilt top that was about tabletopper size), and I’ve never done any actual quilting, i.e. stitching layers together with batting in-between.

While I’ve been doing my recent culling and cleaning, all the quilt cottons in my stash are staring at me accusingly. I don’t know if I’ll ever use them, or if they are evidence of a temporary infatuation with quilting that will never return. I have certainly known other people that have had hobbies that they returned to after years of blaseness. My interest in gardening tends to wax and wane, and my particular cooking and baking interests change and shift as well.

What do you think – should I donate the quilt fabrics, or keep them in case I get re-interested in the future?


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