New ironing board *throws confetti*

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled sewing to announce that I have purchased a new ironing board. You don’t know how long this entire saga has taken, or you’d know how exciting this is. Before I’d really started sewing again, I bought an ironing board from Ikea which was serviceable, but as it turned out smaller than the average. That meant that you couldn’t buy replacement covers for it; of course I could have made one, but I wanted to replace it with a bigger, less rickety version. I couldn’t find one that met my needs at any of the usual stores, though – what I really wanted was the kind of sturdy and solid metal or wood ironing boards they used to make back in the day, not something made out of plastic and aluminum that tips over when you look at it funny. I kept on thinking that I’d find one at the thrift store, but apparently these things don’t get donated much. My sad Ikea board finally warped beyond repair the other day – it wasn’t flat when you raised it to its top height anymore, which was perilous, let me tell you – so it went in the recycling and I cranked up my board search again. I finally settled on a fairly sturdy model from our local non-chain hardware store. Fingers crossed that it works as nicely as it looks.

OK, now I must go make a yoga mat bag before my first bootcamp class on Monday (yikes). Maybe I’ll use my new ironing board!


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