Food Friday: Zucchini Pie

I’ve been looking for novel ways to ingest more veggies so when this recipe came into my life I thought it sounded interesting – kinda a crustless quiche without all the calories from pastry.

I approached this recipe in my usual way – making alterations and tweaking it a couple times until I was happy. The first time I used one bag of shredded zucchini from my freezer, which wasn’t enough zucchini, but the flavors were good. The second time I doubled the zucchini and reduced the milk. In the end my “final” recipe is similar to the original recipe except that I used onions instead of shallots, Country French Vinaigrette spices from Penzeys’ instead of chives, and only a half-cup of milk. Also, I forgot to put the parmesan on top the second time and didn’t really notice a difference, so I wouldn’t bother with it in the future.

Crustless Zucchini Pie from Skinnytaste


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