Garden planning 2013

It’s beginning to look rather springlike here in the Bay Area, which makes me think about my summer garden. Until a couple months ago, we thought we’d be moving sometime this spring, so I hadn’t done any garden planning at all. Now it looks like we are staying put for a while, so I am scrambling for a garden plan. Our local master gardeners group does a tomato and pepper sale which is not yet scheduled for this year, but last year was in early April. We’ve still been having frosts at night, so I guess I still have a few weeks before I really need to be organized. (Alternatively, if I wanted to raise anything from seed, I’m late and totally missed the boat.)

I was at Ikea recently and noticed that the self-watering pots that I’ve used for several years are back in stock. Self-watering pots are really great for container gardening, especially for things that suck up water like tomatoes. I wish the Ikea models were even bigger, but they are only 20 bucks each and pretty roomy for something like one tomato or pepper plant, and are on wheels so you don’t have to drag them around when full of dirt and plants. You can make your own larger self-watering containers, and someday I will, but these are a nice stop-gap for the moment.

Have you been snuggling up to your seed catalogs this winter? What are your plans for your garden this year?


One thought on “Garden planning 2013

  1. So jealous it’s already looking like spring there. Here, there is approximately 20 cm of snow and it is still snowing today! I will have to look at pics you post for my early spring.

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