Hiya, folks

My birthday is rapidly approaching and the spring equinox. I try to take time every season to assess my life and what adjustments I need to make. At the beginning of the year I made some don’t-call-them-resolutions about my health and my writing career, and they’ve been going really well, all things considered. But with working out, eating better, and writing a lot more along with all the usual responsibilities of life, sewing hasn’t happened much. When I do have a free minute, I want to do something sedentary and uncomplicated, like watching TV or reading an entertaining book.

Sometimes life happens, though, right? I refuse to feel guilty about not having time for a hobby, for goodness sake, but I do apologize if my blog is a little thin on actual sewing content for a while. I hope you are all well, and wish you a happy spring. Stay tuned, though – I’ve got a new recipe for tomorrow’s Food Friday.


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