Food on Friday: Kale chips

Thanks to our new diet, I haven’t been cooking much. That’s not strictly accurate – I’ve been cooking, it’s just not interesting cooking. The diet is one that works best with a Garanimals-type approach: combine protein from column A with vegetable from column B, et voila. It’s more like ‘meal assembly’ than the more complicated cooking I enjoy doing for fun. I’m going to assume that you all know how to grill steaks, pan-roast plain chicken breasts, and steam vegetables, and don’t need me to tell you.

I did make the kale chips from this recipe, but with chard instead of kale; they were tasty. I’ve never had great success with kale chips, but these turned out well (maybe because the chard was flatter than most kale and dried more evenly?). The key seems to be not to be shy with the olive oil and seasoned salt, keep your oven temp low, and have some patience.


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