I want to be Ann Rowley when I grow up

Have you heard about The Great British Sewing Bee TV show? It’s currently airing on the BBC, and features 8 sewists working through a series of challenges that are then judged by a Savile Row suit maker and a long-time sewing teacher. It’s basically everything I always wished Project Runway could have been – not a focus on reality-show backbiting and silly rules, but a look at the creative process and the details of designing, fitting and sewing a garment.

The first episode is currently up on Youtube for those of us outside the UK who don’t have access through the BBC. I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the reasons I really loved it was that one of the contestants is Ann Rowley, who’s been a long-time member of Pattern Review and in particular Stitchers’ Guild/Artisan Square. Anyone who’s spent much time on SG has read Ann’s fabulous advice and seen her amazing garments, and she’s even more delightful on film than she is on a message board. There aren’t always a lot of positive depictions of older people in the media, and it’s encouraging to think that if I’m lucky and work hard I can be half as talented and half as gracious as she is at her age, and still involved with something that allows her to be creative and engaged.


One thought on “I want to be Ann Rowley when I grow up

  1. I loved watching the Great British Sewing Bee..I hope they continue the series (there was a hint that they might…) Ann is so precise! She is my favorite contestant..though I really like Mark as well…Actually..they are all really fun! Have you seen all of the episodes yet?

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