Wishing for more Knipmode

Did you know that if you browse non-English content with Google Chrome, it’ll automagically translate it for you if you want? I found this out during a late-night browse of the Knipmode site, particularly their e-patterns. I have to admit that I don’t get Knipmode’s deal. There’s a definite untapped market for them in sewers outside of the Netherlands and Belgium, even if they don’t bother to translate anything out of Dutch. Yet it’s always been really difficult to get a subscription to Knipmode outside the country. And now they’ve got an e-pattern store, but it’s tiny and doesn’t feature all their patterns, and patterns go “out of stock” in just a month or two (which makes no sense for digital patterns unless they’re trying to create some sort of false urgency to buy asap; it’s not like they take up extra space to store). They don’t have a way to use Paypal yet, or an English-language version of their website.

It seems like to me, although I admit I’m a complete outsider to their corporate structure and employees, that with a minimal investment in staff and infrastructure they could upgrade and translate their site and maybe a small selection of patterns, and suddenly have access to a world-wide market of sewers who would happily spend money on their patterns. I admit that it’s a selfish wish, too – if they had anything like the BurdaStyle online pattern selection, I would spend tons of money there, because I like the styles and the fit is so good for me.

Has anyone purchased an e-pattern from Knipmode? There was a poster on PatternReview who said it worked OK with an international credit card.

P.S. I changed my blog theme the other day, so if there’s anything looking screwy to you I’d appreciate you dropping me a note. Thanks!

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