The Bee is tops

From the looks of all the sewing blogs on my reader*, I am not the only one who is continuing to love The Great British Sewing Bee. I won’t discuss any spoilers (by the way, please consider flagging these on your blog posts especially if you post right after the show airs; some of us have to wait for a kind soul to put it up on YouTube before we watch – I accidentally found out about who got eliminated in episode 2 before I’d watched it), but I will direct you to The Thrifty Stitcher’s blog, who was a behind-the-camera sewing consultant for the show and has some “behind the scenes” posts about each episode.

The show – or the spring weather, or losing weight and having much fewer clothes to wear, or who knows what – has gotten me back into thinking about sewing again, which is making me more happy. Now to find some time to actually go do it!

*Side note: I’ve settled into using The Old Reader and am reasonably pleased with it. I’m still adjusting to its differences from Bloglines, but being able to go from laptop to tablet and back with everything synced is so handy. I am still keeping an eye out for a cloud-based reader with a native iPad app that isn’t hideous to my sensibilities, but I strongly expect a flock of those to be coming out in the next few months especially if Google Reader does actually go away. I hope that all y’all have found successful Google Reader replacements too.


2 thoughts on “The Bee is tops

  1. I don’t know if you saw it yet, but episode 3 was up on youtube yesterday – nice and quick ! Just as soon as I get through the last 20 minutes or so, I can stop worrying about avoiding the spoilers LOL

    • Thanks for commenting – yes, I watched it yesterday. I thought it was a great episode; I’m sad there’s only one more.

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