Buying Knipmode digital patterns

Hey, blog-readers. I have sacrificed myself for your edification, thrown myself on my metaphorical sword, and purchased a top from Knipmode’s digital pattern store. I know, I’m so self-sacrificing.

Nah, really, I just saw this cute knit top with ruffle from the new June issue and couldn’t resist. It was knit, so it was something I might actually finish soon, and the details were pretty basic. It wasn’t a plus size so I knew I’d have to enlarge it below the bust, but not as much as a few months ago.

Here’s the deets about buying and downloading these patterns, FTR, since you can’t use the ‘translate this webpage’ thing from Google Translate the whole way through and actually check out, unfortunately:

1. First choose ‘In Shopping Bag’ to add each pattern to your (shocker) shopping bag – make sure you choose the PDF version.

2. Then go to your shopping bag and choose ‘afrekenen,’ which is check out.

3. Choose ‘registeren’ to set up an account.

4. This next part is pretty straight-forward; it goes last name, first name, address etc. – the only tricky thing to know if you’re in the US is that the Dutch translation of US is ‘Verenigde Staten’.

5. Available payment options are MasterCard, Visa, and something called Ideal, which must be a Dutch thing.

6. Then you have to agree to the terms and conditions, which look pretty standard. Click to order, and then you’ll be redirected to a page which asks for your credit card number.

7. If everything goes through OK, you’ll be given an order number, and if you ordered a PDF pattern, you should be able to go to ‘account’, then ‘mijn downloads’ to download the PDF.

8. Here’s the other tricky bit – it’s a PDF for A4 sized paper, not 8.5″ x 11″ (because North America refuses to get with the metric shenanigans, etc.). Make sure that your printer settings are set to 100%, no scaling, because otherwise the printed version will get shrunken down to fit an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper . There’s a 10 cm test square on the first page of the PDF so make sure to print it alone first and make sure all your settings are kosher before you print the whole thing out (ask me why!). Since A4 is a little narrower and a little taller than 8.5″ x 11″ you lose a little bit of printing on the top and bottom of each page, but thankfully Knipmode has put in pretty wide margins around each pattern sheet, so at least with this pattern I didn’t lose any actual  pattern lines.

Was it worth it? The euros/dollars exchange rate is pretty favorable right now, so I think my expense ended up being around 6 bucks. It’s pricier per pattern than buying a whole magazine, even with the crazy-expensive shipping from Europe, but when do you actually make every pattern from an issue? That would be never, in my case.

So anyway, if you like Knipmode’s style or fit but have trouble getting ahold of the print mag in your neck of the woods, their PDF store could be a good option for you. I still hope they add a paypal option, since that’s my preferred way to buy things online. But I didn’t have any problem using my credit card to order internationally. And remember, they clear out the older patterns after a month or two, so if you see a pattern, buy it before it’s gone.

Stay tuned – maybe I’ll actually sew this pattern up sometime soon!

2 thoughts on “Buying Knipmode digital patterns

  1. Thank you, Laura! I saw a cute pattern for a top and dress (#1301)on the KM site. I used these instructions to order the pattern. It was a very painless process working through the Dutch language with your instructions. Thank you!


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