Even more new patterns for men

I mentioned indie pattern designer for men Thread Theory a bit ago, and their first pattern, the Newcastle Cardigan, is now available. Since I didn’t win Meg’s giveaway, le sigh, I ponied up the cash for my very own copy. I also indulged in the Avocado hoodie, both men’s and women’s versions, from Disparate Disciplines. This is a new pattern line to me and there don’t seem to be many reviews around yet, but the shaping looks great on the pattern design.

Funnily enough this whole exercise is silly, because my husband is one of those guys that runs very hot, and rarely wears a coat unless it’s quite cold out. We have to go visit family in the Midwest at Christmastime for him to wear anything heavier than a fleece jacket. So why I just bought a cardigan and hoodie pattern for him defies logic. Ah, well, maybe I’ll make the women’s version of the Avocado and taunt him with it. Just kidding. Maybe.

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