July! Sales!

Happy Canada Day, and early Fourth of July, all. This week is a little crazy for me work-wise but hopefully I’ll have some time to get in the sewing cave on Thursday (preferably before it gets too hot in there – evenings are a bit unpleasant now that it’s 90+ degrees outside). I finally unearthed the fabric I bought in Europe, so stay tuned for a photo of that soon, and plans for its use.

Speaking of Canada Day, Tasia has a one-day sale on Sewaholic patterns, 10% until midnight PDT. I finally gave in and bought the Alma and Pendrell top patterns (because I am way behind the curve).

There are some other neato sales happening right now too. Maria has a bundle deal on a 3-pattern set of her MariaDenmark patterns – one skirt and two tops – that’s good until the 8th. And Melissa just posted about a 20% discount code for Claire’s SA curve doohickeys – I’d been eyeing one for a while so I ordered one of those too. I also read on someone’s blog that Papercut Patterns currently has free international shipping.

And it’s not a sale, but Knipmode have listed a whole bunch of additional patterns in their digital pattern store, including a bunch of patterns from the April 2013 issue which I just love.

I must say that all the great features in the blogosphere for Indie Pattern Month and people’s great results in blogs and on PR have gotten me rethinking ever buying a Big 4 pattern again. All they do is frustrate me and don’t fit, and the only nice thing is that they’re cheap. That’s like buying all your bread at the expired bread store and being frustrated that it’s getting stale.

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