Deutsche Stoffe

Probably no one has been waiting with bated breath to see the picture of my fabric from Germany, but here it is nonetheless. My lovely husband managed to put it in one of the many pockets of his backpack and ended up carrying it around Europe and then to work for a week or so before I asked him where it was.


The dotty print is a poly crepe, which I’m thinking of as a simple skirt. I’ve been looking for patterns, but since I’ve only got a meter I might just make a gathered or dirndl-y skirt without a pattern. The floral is a rayon knit, which I don’t have specific plans for, but will likely become a top of some sort. Both came from the same shop, a cute little fabric store in the main plaza in Wurzburg, Wolz-Stoffe ( We stumbled upon it by happenstance looking for a place to have dinner, and I was able to visit first thing the next morning when they were open. I also picked up some fusible bias Vliseline, since that’s not easily findable on this side of the Atlantic.
I didn’t get to go fabric shopping in London, as we had a short time there and focused on the tourist sites for those of us that hadn’t been there before. That’s OK, I think I still have some poplin from Macullough & Wallis from the last time I was in London that I haven’t sewn up yet!

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