A little roundup

(All I do on this blog is post about Knipmode, huh?) No, but, seriously folks. The Knipmode people have added some more back-catalog patterns to their digital pattern store, including a collection of maternity patterns (click that link, or under Patronen Bestellen choose Zwangerschapskleding (which, not so shockingly, is Dutch for maternity wear)). THIS IS NOT A HINT, MOM, I’m not preggers, but I know that maternity patterns are thin on the ground, and expensive to boot. These are 3-4 euro a pop, and they even have a couple plus-sized maternity patterns in the set.

On a non-Knipmode note, the NZ sewing bloggers are hosting a ‘Cake and cake’ sewalong – they’re getting together in person to eat cake while wearing their Cake Patterns makes, lucky ladies, but have invited the rest of us to join in and post our pictures of cake & cake too. Pictures are due by July 28. I’ve got a Hummingbird top in progress so I’m hoping I can finish by then and participate (although my current diet doesn’t really allow for cake – black bean cake? Tofu cake?).

And one more thing, to make this post a trifecta: Pantone has announced the color trends for fall. I always roll my eyes a bit when these reports come out – I mean, who gets to decide these things; is there a color cabal? Is this all a marketing gimmick for Pantone? (Hint: yes.) But I do like the palette they’ve chosen, and most of the colors are deeper, fall-y-er (!) versions of the colors I’ve been seeing in stores this year. Most I could even wear, excepting the orange (maybe away from the face?). Worth a gander if you like keeping up with these things.


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