Made-It Monday: Fail edition

It’s still Monday here for a couple hours so I will tell you about the total fail project I just gave up for dead and stomped off from my sewing den like a kid having a tantrum.

I wanted to try the free MariaDenmark kimono tee pattern in my new size, so I made a muslin out of a print knit remnant. It fit reasonably well but was basically a belly shirt, so it occurred to me that I could add a contrasting remnant as a gathered peplum and maybe make a cute tunic.

Putting it together worked reasonably well but when I tried it on, total ick. I haven’t worn anything so unflattering since I was allowed to pick out my own clothes. I think the main problem is where the peplum seam hit – it needed to either be higher and empire style (not my best look but tolerable in drapey knits) or down at the natural waist, not a few inches above. I have a substantial ribcage (all those years of choir when I was a kid) and anything that emphasizes the below-the-bra-band, above-the-belly-button area is horrific on me. This is why I can rarely shop for fitted dresses with a waist seam, since I’m tall with a long torso, and the waist seam always falls too high on me.

The spouse agreed that it was not a good look. I’ve restrained myself from tossing the whole thing in the trash – maybe I can reuse some of the fabric for trim or contrast.

(I did get close to finishing my Sorbetto and I think that’ll at least be wearable, so only a soupçon of despair over here.)

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