The non-garden update

I have little to report on my garden this year. The question of whether we’d be moving and where has been repeatedly up in the air, then caught, then thrown up again, to belabor a metaphor. Thanks to that and travel, I have planted exactly nothing. My rhubarb has rebounded from the winter wet, which it never likes, but other than that it’s all weeds and roses, and a few annuals in a planter box on the porch. It does look like we might have a good year for the apple tree, so if we are still here in the fall I hope to make a lot of applesauce. I hope that all of you have done better with your gardens than I – have you planted some good stuff this spring that’s now ready to harvest?

On a somewhat related topic, I’ve been noticing a lot of new produce stores opening up in my area. They carry mostly veggies and fruit, and usually some additional basics as well, and they tend to be smaller stores often in areas that are pedestrian-friendly. It amuses me to see these trends ebb and flow – when I was a kid, the trend was to bigger supermarkets, culminating in giant Walmarts and Costcos where you walk a mile in order to find anything. Nowadays many people seem to prefer smaller and more accessible stores, even if they don’t carry everything under the sun, which explains the success of Trader Joe’s.

Everything old is new again, I guess.

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