Food on Friday: Grow Cook Eat

I’m still in a mode of unambitious cooking, for the most part. It’s pretty much ideas from the emeals paleo plan tweaked a little to fit our current eating plan. The other day I splurged and had a little whole wheat spaghetti with my meatballs and sauce (ooh). I mock but it’s working; I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds and am a lot more active and feel better, and the spouse has done the same thing.

I read a neat cookbook/gardening book the other day, though. It’s called Grow Cook Eat, by Willi Galloway, and it’s a soup to nuts approach to vegetable gardening – what to grow, how to grow it, and then how to store and cook it. It’s really nicely put together and would be a great way to start vegetable gardening, or a gift for a new kitchen gardener. I noted down a few of the recipes and hope to try them soon. There’s a steak sandwich with gorgonzola chive sauce and caramelized onions (yum) that I think I could easily adapt to a steak salad.

Now that our weather’s gotten so hot, I really regret not starting a tomato plant or two this spring, because they would love it. Usually our summers aren’t consistently hot enough for long enough to get really good tomatoes. Otherwise, it’s too hot to leave any fruits or veggies out on the counter, and it’s too hot to want to cook much either. Simple and quick are the keywords right now. What have you been cooking?

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