When you can’t sew, buy patterns and fabric

My recent radio silence on this blog has been due, sadly, not to sitting on the beach sipping margaritas, but a combination of a sciatica attack (more on that later) and some family crises that had to be dealt with. No matter, I have done my usual trick when I’ve not been able to sew – I’ve bought sewing stuff!

Mostly it’s been patterns, although I did pick up one piece of fabric at a recent trip to Ikea, along with this adorable wall art in the shape of buttons.  I am hoping that the latter will someday adorn the walls of my sewing room – that is, when I have a sewing room that’s not in my garage. Speaking of less-than-scenic sewing rooms, I was delighted to see that Lori from Girls in the Garden sews in her basement, as revealed in the feature from the Sew Mama Sew Sewing Match earlier this month.
The Sewing Match has been the cause of some of my pattern buying, too – a discount for Colette Patterns during the men’s Negroni round led to me ordering one for my husband, as well as an Iris and a Laurel for myself (gotta get the free shipping, you know?). There’s currently a discount code available for Sewaholic too, which I am valiantly trying to resist, because I bought two of her patterns during the Canada Day sale and I haven’t used either of them yet.

The other two purchases have been the 2013 Ottobre Women issues, and an impulse purchase of some Imagewear patterns after westmoon pointed out on her blog that they are currently on sale for 1 euro each, with free worldwide shipping. I’ve not tried My Image/Imagewear out yet, so that’ll be fun – if they fit anywhere as well as their fellow Dutchwomen Knipmode, I will be thrilled.

And in the small yet important category of patterns I haven’t bought yet, the first of the September Knipmode patterns are online. I really love the look of several of them.

I’ve got several blog posts half-written so I will definitely be back soon. I hope that all of you have been having a great summer.

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