Another way to deal with dressing while losing weight

One of the things I truly love about the rise of the internet is that it allows us to do specialized things that otherwise wouldn’t be practical or cost-effective. Take the online sewing community, for example – before being able to meet other sewists online, most of us would be stuck trying to find a few sewing friends in our local area, or learning from books and magazines. I don’t know about you, but at least half of what I’ve learned about sewing technique, fitting and drafting I’ve learned online. I posted the other day about dressing while losing weight, and I’ve used two online services recently to make that process easier. While neither has to do with sewing directly, maybe someone else out there will also find them helpful.

The first is Gwynnie Bee, which can be described simply as “Netflix for clothes”. They have a set of items on their website and you choose which ones you’re interested in. Then they send them to you, you can keep an item as long as you want or send it back and receive another item from your virtual closet. I am a loyal reader of Wardrobe Oxygen, and Alison has been a Gwynnie Bee fan for a long time. I wasn’t sure about the idea or whether it’d be worth the money for me. But sometime earlier this summer when I’d had a bad day and had nothing to wear I signed up, and I’ve been really pleased. They offer sizes 10-24 but specialize in plus sizes; a lot of the brands they carry, although not all, start at a size 14. Especially if you are a plus size and are looking for more variety in your wardrobe, I would recommend you consider Gwynnie Bee. I kinda wish I’d known about it when I was a larger size.

The second is kinda the flip side of Gwynnie Bee, a way to get rid of the clothes that don’t work for you anymore. Twice is an online secondhand clothing store that sells items but also will purchase your unwanted items from you. I sent off a big box of items that are now too big for me, all on their approved brands list, and they offered to purchase almost all of them. It won’t make you rich, and you might make a bit more selling yourself on ebay, but it’s easy and quick. They offer free shipping and will pay via paypal or check (or store credit, for which you get a 25% bonus). This was all stuff that I was going to have to tote down to the thrift store and get nothing but a tax write-off for, so I am a happy camper. (I have also bought some stuff from them but haven’t received it yet; I’ll keep you posted.)

Both of these links are affiliate links, by the way, but both of these reviews were written on my own recognizance and express my true opinion.

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