A skirt for Selfish Sewing Week

Thanks to selling some clothes to Twice, I had some cash burning a hole in my virtual PayPal wallet, so I signed up for a skirt fitting class at Pattern Review. It’s just started so I haven’t done much but read a lesson or two yet, but my goal is to make a well-fitting basic skirt in my new smaller size. Speaking of sewing classes, Craftsy is still having a site-wide sale on all their classes, which ends today. I haven’t bought anymore classes myself, because I’ve still got several I already own but haven’t even watched yet!
Via someone’s blog I follow (helpful, natch?), I learned that next week is Selfish Sewing Week at Imagine Gnats. I hope to get some selfish sewing done myself. Maybe a skirt. 😉

Hope everyone has a wonderful and sewing-filled weekend.


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