Once again, I show low resistance to the charms of Knipmode

The October patterns are now available at the Knipmode virtual shop, and I liked what I saw of them so much I went off to sewingpatterns.eu (aka Naaipatronen) to buy the print issue. What did my wondering eyes see, but the September and April issues still in stock, so I snapped them up too. I have a reason: shipping is cheapest to the US when you buy exactly 3 magazines. That’s what my husband would call girl logic.

(While I was looking for Knipmode previews on the web, I found a great blog that posts pictures from each Knipmode monthly: Collie-Collie. It’s in Dutch, but the pictures are what we care most about, right?)

You know what would be super-cool? A digital subscription available to magazines like Knipmode. The option of buying the patterns in PDF is a very nice one to have, but you don’t get to see the fashion spreads or read the blurbs or see multiple views of a pattern, or entertain oneself with the interesting Dutch ads (maybe that last one is just me). I would totally pony up for a reasonably priced subscription to Knipmode digitally, even if it didn’t include the patterns. Then I could see the patterns ‘live’, as it were, and then decide more effectively which PDF patterns to buy. It would be pretty easy to do, using Apple Newstand or Issuu or one of the many other digital ‘magazine stands’ that have been popping up recently.

Hey, anybody at Knipmode want to hire me as your overseas digital consultant?

5 thoughts on “Once again, I show low resistance to the charms of Knipmode

  1. I am now really wondering which ads you mean… I’m Dutch and I currently have subscription to Knipmode. Interesting to know that people oversees also want to make these patterns and are not deterred by the Dutch sewing instructions!

    • Ha, well – I know the ads in Knipmode probably aren’t very exotic to you, usually laundry detergent or pasta or something along those lines, but to me all the brands and such are completely different to what we have here in the US, and I just enjoy looking at them. 🙂

      I really like Knipmode’s look & style but I have to admit that if the fit wasn’t so good for me I wouldn’t struggle through trying to translate the directions, because I do have a hard time with them.

      • If it makes you feel any better, I often struggle with their sewing directions and Dutch is my first language. I will often go like “They want me to do what???”. In those cases I’ll usually figure out my own way to put it together, which is often easier than what I think they intended me to do.

      • Well, it’s good to know that it’s not just my poor translation skills (and use of Google Translate) that makes Knipmode’s instructions unintelligible at times!

      • In a sewing class I used to go to it sometimes took 5 people to figure out what was meant with a particular instruction and that included our sewing instructor!

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