That’s as done as it’s gonna get

I think I mentioned a while ago that I was working on a Colette Sorbetto in my new smaller size. It started out as a muslin and then it was going so well, I decided to try to make it a wearable muslin. I got as far as binding the neckline and then it sat there for a month or two on my sewing table, taunting me. This weekend I tried it on, looked at myself, and said, “Self, get real: you are never going to wear this out of the house, no matter how decent the fit is. The colors are loud and not your style, the way the center stripe isn’t at CF bugs the crap out of you, and besides, you hate bias binding armholes even more than you hate bias binding necklines (so true – why is it in every beginner pattern ever? It’s fiddly and it never ends up even).”


So here it is, my unfinished Sorbetto. It was made out of a remnant which is why the front is pieced. Actually, the back is pieced too, vertically, with an amazingly good match of stripes at CB which happened mostly thanks to luck rather than hours of slaving.


I am pleased about the fit, even though I didn’t end up with a wearable piece, and I am hoping that this can be my base bodice for alterations in the future. The only alteration I made, besides blending sizes and adding length, was an additional narrow shoulder alteration of 1/2″ following the directions from Colette. This made so much difference – all of a sudden the neckline isn’t too wide and the shoulders sit where they need to. There’s a touch of swayback-y-ness (technical term!) and the darts are a little high, but the amount of ease feels right and the fit over the waist and hips is good (always my trickiest part, since I have to blend sizes).

My next desire is to try a version with the dart rotated into gathers at the neckline, because I’ve got several summer tops with that feature that I’ve worn a lot (plus I suck at sewing darts; the sides never end up symmetrical). I’ve drafted the altered bodice already, but the fabric I wanted to use for my test run is not quite wide enough so I’ve got to move to plan B.

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