Ikea Mala for tracing paper rolls

Last weekend was a weekend of productivity, at least in the sewing cave. Not only did I decide my Sorbetto didn’t need to be finished, I also cleaned out a bunch of patterns and fabrics, sent some off to the fiber recycling place, and others in queue to go to FabMo. A gal on PR was also looking for donations of cottons and flannels for a charity that makes reusable hygiene supplies for girls in poor countries, so I pulled out a bunch of that and mailed her a box.

I also trimmed down a poster so that it could be framed (needed my cutting area clear for that one) and put together the paper roll holder I had gotten from Ikea for my pattern tracing paper. I think I saw this idea on someone else’s sewing blog ages ago, and picked up one when I was next at Ikea. It’s part of the MALA collection (to be accurate, “MÅLA” with the Angstrom on the first A), and it’s designed for a kids’ play area for painting and drawing and such. They also sell paper rolls that fit it, although the paper’s thick enough that I don’t think it’d work well for tracing patterns, although drafting your own might be fine.

Here it is “in action” on my cutting table, mid-clean-up. Unfortunately it’s too narrow to hold the roll of medical exam paper I recently bought, but it works OK for the narrower tracing paper I have from the office supply store. Worth considering if you trace patterns a lot and have an Ikea nearby.


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