The best laid plans

I have drafted an iteration of my Sorbetto with the bust dart rotated to neckline gathers, which I’ve been wanting to try for a while since I’ve had several summer RTW tops with this feature that I like (and I suck at sewing darts, tbh – they always end up different on one side than the other). I had planned to make a {wearable?} muslin out of a skirt I had gotten from the thrift store – straight ankle length, black print rayon, very 90s – but I need a inch or two more of fabric to make it fit the pattern. Grrr! I have looked through my fabric stash to find something suitable but nothing has leapt out at me. This project will probably get pushed to springtime, if I’m honest – sleeveless tops would be a little brisk right now, even in my sunny climes.

The first of the November Knipmodes are up on the digital pattern store. I hope that they add more because the November preview looked very cute, but there are some interesting items there already, including a bra pattern for those of you who are into making lingerie. Not sure what’s up with all the capes/ponchos, but the plus-size skirt is super-cute.

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