Food Friday (on Saturday): Collards & bacon!

I hope that my fellow Americans had a lovely Thanksgiving. We had a low-key holiday – dinner with some friends on the Wednesday night, and then a simple Thanksgiving on the day just for the two of us. Along with the usual suspects (turkey, mashed potatoes, the boxed stuffing my husband insists on) we needed a green vegetable of some sort to break up the carbs. I was in the mood for collard greens so I found this recipe and tried it: Quick Southern Collards.

Turns out it’s a) very good and b) even better the next day eaten cold, when the veggies have soaked in the bacon-y vinaigrette for 24 hours. Yum! If I were to make this again for an everyday meal, I’d cut the bacon down to 2 slices, use half a pepper for one bunch of collards, and cut the vinegar down a tad, depending on how big the greens are. You could probably use kale, chard, or mustard greens with equal success.


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