We’re all doomed, aka progress on Knipmode 9/2013 #9

I read an article recently about one of the machine learning programs at Google, where they’ve programmed some computers to try to figure out how to identify and tag digital photographs, without the aid of human beings. A scientist working there was quoted as saying that the program’s gotten really good at IDing photos, but they’re not really sure how – it’s layered algorithm on algorithm to the point that humans don’t really know how it works anymore. So, just FYI: Google has created Skynet, and pretty soon we’re all going to be running away from humanoid machines. Where’s John Connor when you need him?

I thought of this the other day when I was using Google Translate to translate the instructions for my newest Knipmode project, ‘Trui #9’ from September’s issue. I’ve learned, in my Knipmode adventures, that the Dutch word for stitch is also the word for suffocate, and Google Translate used to always translate it as the latter. Now, if you put it in a sentence that includes other sewing-type words, like seam, it’s smart enough to figure out it likely means stitch instead. See what I mean about Skynet?

The top is a basic darted raglan with a loose fit, and I want to use it to make a ‘dressy sweatshirt’ of the type seen in fashion magazines and stores recently. The plan for the final version is to use a piece of Japanese cotton my parents brought back from Japan for me a few years ago as the feature fabric on the front, combined with a gray sweater knit for the rest of the top. Test run #1 is finished but the hems, and is wearable, but I punked out of putting on the shaped neckline facings and did a binding instead, which doesn’t look quite right. Test run #2 is partially constructed and is awaiting a day when I’m feeling very mellow to tackle the facings (again – I already tried it once and failed horribly; second round is gonna be interfaced!).


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