Food Friday: Whipped cream

Does anyone have a culinary bucket list? I don’t have one written down but I do have a mental list of things I’m glad I know how to do/cook, and a few things I wish I knew how to do. Well, I can knock one off the ‘to learn’ list: making homemade whipped cream. Of course, this is super-simple, especially if you have a mixer. I’m not sure why I’d never done it before. Habit and a love of Cool Whip, I guess.

Anyway, the spouse made pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving and I was ordering some stuff from the Good Eggs folks (my new love – organic veggie and grocery delivery to your door for 4 bucks!), so I added a pint of whipping cream to my order. I did some quick searching for tips, and learned that a cool bowl helps, and cream roughly doubles in size. The ‘recipe’ I saw recommended adding a teaspoon of vanilla to each cup of cream, and planning to whisk for approximately 7 minutes on medium. I found that mine got done before that – maybe because I was using my Kitchen-Aid? About 5 minutes was just right. It was tasty stuff, although different from the whipped topping I’m used to. You definitely don’t need as much to adorn your pie, and next time I might try adding a little simple syrup for some sweetness along with the vanilla.


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